Rev. Megan Berkebile, Pastor


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Megan’s Message

April is a busy month for our churches and for our communities. World Autism Awareness Day is April 2 each year and we are encouraged to light our world blue by wearing that color. I wear blue for the individuals in my life who have autism or have a loved one with autism. Autism is a developmental disability, predominant in males; autism affects 1 in 59 (according to a 2018 CDC study).


This April we will light our world blue by recognizing the needs of those around us and by showing our support and love for our community. It doesn't take much for us to show God's love to one another by showing kindness and patience to everyone.


As we continue on in this month, it will be a month that we recognize autism awareness but it is also a time that we recognize the life of our church. Easter Sunday becomes the culmination of Lent and we celebrate all of the teachings and stories that have been shared in our scripture passages with the resurrection story. We celebrate that Christ is alive and has been raised for us, each of us. Easter is about joy and hope, knowing that we are resurrection people. The story did not end with death but it begins with new life. May you remember the life that you have been given through Jesus Christ and celebrate that we are Easter people who have been born of the Spirit.

This April is about the diversity of our world, about meeting the needs of one another and most of all remembering that our spiritual needs are met because of our faith in the Easter Story.


May your April be filled with joy and hope!


                          Blessings, Rev. Megan