Zack Bohinski, Pastor


Bohinski’s Blurb

This is my first ever newsletter and I hope I do it justice.


I was born and raised in Westmoreland county until I left the North Huntingdon

area for college. I met my wife in Boston, at Eastern Nazarene College, and we moved to Oklahoma shortly after where her family is. Rachel and I have two little girls are so excited to be ministering in a beautiful area, with a beautiful community and congregation.


We are especially excited about our proximity to a Starbucks, as many appointed pastors in the conference are not as #blessed as us in this way. We are settling in and we have found this congregation to be so welcoming and loving. For all those who have made us meals, sent us notes, and encouraged us in this transition, we are truly thankful. I have high hopes for this pastoral relationship with you. If we have not met, I want to do that. Please know that you can call me at any time. If you are getting this correspondence, it means that I believe I am your pastor, and I want to be that for you as best as I can.



This first month has served as a reminder to me of how God provides and blesses us far beyond what we deserve. I thank God for you, and I look forward to the time ahead. By His power that is at work within us, as his church, he will do more than we can imagine, and he will finish his work in us. Thanks be to God.



In Service to Him and To You,

Pastor Zack Bohinski